About Us


There once was a girl, living on the South Coast of Essex. She dreamt of one day working for herself and running her own business but didn't know how. She was married with 2 beautiful boys, but after a redundancy from her bank job of 16 years, she plodded from job to job, feeling frustrated with not knowing how to reach her dreams.

For years she had been obsessed with home fragrance and skincare, and one day started making beautiful, glitzy little wax melts from her tiny kitchen...her friends and work colleagues went wild for them! She then began making other gorgeous home fragrance products, and even started experimenting with skin-loving bath bombs! The word quickly spread, and her little hobby almost exploded overnight.

The business grew little by little, and as they say, the rest is history!

She is now running her own small business from a studio by the sea-side, and no longer feels frustrated not knowing her path. She's finally where she needs to be...

Knee deep in wax melts and bath bombs!