Merry Morning High Performance Wax Melt

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A Merry Morning captures the spirit of the season with this inviting, feel-good fragrance. Perfect for Christmas morning!

The fragrance unfolds with a zesty, uplifting fusion of citrus, orange & lemon while the heart of jasmine & fresh pine is embraced by the warmth of cinnamon, clove & ginger. All of this gently descends onto a sensuous base of woods & musk.

You will find love, luxury & attention to detail in everything we do here at The Boujie Lounge. Each Boujie Bar weighs approx. 55g & will provide you over 60 hours of intense aroma. Suitable for use in wax burners & electric warmers.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with any designer fragrance companies. Many of our Boujie aromas may resemble that of some luxury designer perfumes.